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  • The following are the processing and transaction charges for all cards:

    Debit card processing fee is $25.00 (this includes account setup and card shipping)
    POS purchase is $0.50 (Point of Sale online or at physical location)
    ATM withdraw is $3.50 per transaction
    ATM balance request is FREE (bank charges may apply)
    SMS balance request is FREE
    Monthly account maintenance is $3.00
  • a) Monthly maximum deposit is not more than $10,500 per month
    b) ATM withdrawal is $700 per day, $4,900 per week
    c) POS purchase is $2,500 each, $10,000 per day, $25,000 per week
  • There is no difference in terms of functionality except the display name on the card.
  • You can check your balance online, at ATM for a fee. Or through SMS free of charge.
  • A processing and shipping fee of $25.00 will be applied.
  • Depending if you order a generic or personalized card, it will take between 1 and 3 weeks to receive your card.
  • Please contact Support immediately to make a report of the lost or stolen card.